Create Our Way Out Of Recession?

By | December 11, 2012

The below info-graphic illustrates the results of a new UK study which examines how creativity contributes to the economy and the dealing with the barriers to creativity.

Fulfil your Creative Potential with Adobe Training

Both productivity and creativity are ideal in an IT career, but according to the State of Create report by Adobe, many feel as though there is too much emphasis on productivity and not enough on creating. Adobe says creativity is the key to economic growth.

Being creative in programs like Adobe Dreamweaver takes computing training, so people should work to get more up to speed in programs such as this.

Key Survey Findings:

  • 80% say there’s more pressure to be productive than creative
  • 78% think creativity is the key to economic growth
  • 46% say they may not have enough time to be creative at work


According to Alan Banks, Adobe’s managing director for Northern Europe, “At an individual level, we have uncovered more about people’s attitudes to creativity and whether they feel they have the opportunity to fulfil their creative potential.”

He goes on to say, “It’s interesting to see the positive role people believe technology can play in enabling creativity, suggesting how instrumental it will be in driving future innovation and growth.”


Why Encourage Creativity at Work?

The new economy demands it. Global competition and the fast pace of technological change have left many of us scrambling. In addition, we have become much more of a thought-based economy than a widget-based one, and such an economy has an appetite for ideas and innovation.

It used to be people apprenticed or worked their way up the ladder, eventually becoming the wise elder of their trade. Now, we all have to scramble just to stay relevant. Those who actually want to be ahead of the curve are going to have to be visionary. Those businesses or individuals lost only in the tunnel vision of task will be left behind.

Encouraging creativity is also good for attracting and retaining quality employees, and a creative atmosphere also ensures that ideas stay under your roof, instead of having them take their ideas somewhere else or start a competing business.



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