New Horizons Ireland to double its workforce over the next three years.

By | March 8, 2012

Some more good news today for the Irish job market as New Horizons Ireland announcing it plans to double its Irish workforce over the next three years as part of an expansion beyond Ireland’s borders with the launch of the Online Live methodology. This expansion has already commenced with the recruitment of a number of full time instructors, marketing and sales personnel. Since entering the Irish market in 2003 New Horizons Ireland have become market leaders and specialists training on Microsoft and Cisco technologies.

“Exporting a down economy”

In the current economic environment many industries have been negatively affected which has driven prices down and the training industry is no different. Many vendors reducing their prices of official training courses by up to 50%, IT training in Ireland has never been such goof value.

“With companies flying delegates from Estonia, Latvia and Morocco (among others) to our Dublin offices to take advantage of the lower costs of training in Ireland it seemed almost a complete reversal of fortune compared to boom times where people would travel abroad to take advantage of cheaper services. With this a seed was planted, an idea began to grow and we began to look for a model where we could export this aftereffect of our recessionary economy” said Liam McMahon, Managing Director, New Horizons Ireland.

The goal of New Horizons Ireland, over the next 3 years, is to expand their delivery of official Microsoft and Cisco courses through the OLL platform to EMEA with delegates already attending from as far away as Finland to South Africa. The concept will allow other centres across the region to sell Irish delivered courses creating an EMEA wide sales force driving training business to New Horizons’ Irish training delivery centre. But there is also a focus on driving the ecommerce side to allow direct bookings through the website with the recruitment of a fulltime web marketing specialist.

Like traditional classroom learning, New Horizons’ Online LIVE (OLL) learning model allows students to learn from expert instructors, access live, hands-on labs, and use authorized vendor curriculum. The only difference recognized with this learning model is that the student is not in the classroom with an instructor, but attends class from a remote location. This also provides some unique advantages to attendees with minimised commuting challenges, a more robust training schedule and the elimination of class cancellations and rescheduling.

A secondary benefit of this next generation training methodology is that there is a substantial reduction in an individual’s carbon foot print when attending a training course delivered through OLL. The need to travel removed, no hotels to be organised, there is no more being stuck in traffic, waiting for busses or trains. The hands labs are hosted on a virtualised system minimising the number of machines required for labs and the official manuals are sent in a digital format all to ensure the Carbon Footprint is kept as low as possible.

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