What is CCNP?

By | April 3, 2012

CCNPis Cisco’s Professional level of certification that focuses on the Routing and Switching area of networking. In this level, Cisco concentrates more on the medium to Enterprise network size: “CCNA covers small size networks”. In CCNP, technologies, such as QoS, broadband, VPNs, and security-oriented features, are detailed as well as getting more in-depth with R&S technologies such as EGP Routing Protocols, Layer 3 switching and WAN connections.

In order to get certified as a CCNP, a Valid CCNA certification is required, along with passing the three CCNP exams: “ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT”. Although it’s not required, but if someone is planning to go for CCIE R&S, CCNP is the right path to that.

When Studying for CCNP, it is recommend doing ROUTE, SWITCH then TSHOOT. CCNP is a very “practical” Certification so it is very important to have access to labs that meets the requirements of each course. For the ROUTE exam, at least 4 routers are needed including 2×3600 series. For SIWTCH exam, 4 Switches included 2 Layer 3 Switches are needed. The TSHOOT exam is simply both labs mixed together

Summarization is also a VERY important aspect while studying for CCNP since the Study material is huge. Building Commands tables also proven to be helpful while preparing for the exams.

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