Windows 8 – 3 months in

By | November 12, 2012

Straight forward review of Windows 8 from our Instructor Haitham Shatta.


After 3 months of using Windows 8 these are the pros and cons that I found….


  1. MUCH FASTER than Windows 7 “using the same hardware”.
  2. It looks more professional than Windows 7.
  3. Once you pass the shock stage and start to work with the start metro, it actually makes life much easier than the old menu!
  4. I used to do it windows 7 and kept doing it here “ just search” when you want to do anything.
  5. The integration with MS cloud is really nice “as a .Net account”.
  6. More free tested  apps you can work with.
  7. Build-in Hyper-V capabilities.

Some of the cons

  1. The search is only for Metro apps “you cannot use it to search outlook for example”.
  2. Limited ways of customizing the metro.
  3. You will need 2 monitors to work probably with it, but I think it’s becoming more important these days to have two monitors for work PCs.
  4. Domain / local account still needs live account to access the store.
  5. Cannot run Windows 2008 or 2008 R2 Hyper-V VM! This is not good.
  6. Harder to simply close apps.
  7. When I link my Facebook account to the mail app, it automatically like the photos , calendar , friends , etc! That is something I think they should change.

But I have to say, over all, I am very happy with it.



If you have any questions on Windows 8 feel free to post them here or join the conversation in our student Alumni


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