Windows Server 8 Training: Backing Up Server 8 To The Cloud

By | April 10, 2012


Microsoft recently announced it is offering free tests of online backup for Windows Server 8 in its Azure cloud storage service. IT professionals with computer training in online backup and cloud computing technology can use this free service to protect data without spending time and money on private backup programs.

Beta testers can try out the Microsoft online backup service and give the company feedback on their experience. Testers can access the cloud storage after installing an online backup agent on Windows Server 8 and downloading backed up data from a network. Through the service, uploaded data is compressed and encrypted for security, while reducing time and bandwidth required for backups with simplified procedures. The software will run data integrity checks for any corrupted data and correct these problems during the next upload.

In addition, Microsoft is also looking to acquire newly trained web application developers to develop Metro-style apps for the Windows Store. The apps can be created for both Microsoft use or private deployment. The goal of the program is to create user-friendly apps that provide customers with a sense of comfort while transitioning to the Windows 8 platform, or switching between apps on their computer or mobile device.

Microsoft is also working with several companies to offer a driver detective software to test devices with the Windows 8 platform. The software aims to simplify the testing process of devices on Windows 8 PCs while reducing the number of drivers necessary to complete the testing. The drivers are automatically provisioned under the new technology, taking less time to set up the tests.

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