Tough going but enjoyable – Syria hike

By | April 10, 2014

So we started off at mid-day, having checked the weather and realised it was going to be a wet morning, so we delayed the start time accordingly. We all agreed it was a good idea, having driven through sheets of rain to get to Crone car-park, not far from Powerscourt waterfall. But the clouds parted not long after reaching the car-park and we were all relieved we didn’t have to head up the mountain in bad weather. Having thanked the weather man for getting it exactly right for a change, we started off into the woods just in time for the the sun come out. It turned into a beautiful day and this seemed to help us all increase our pace and made the start of our hike that bit more enjoyable. Although the beautiful views of Dublin bay may have slowed us down along some parts of the trail.


But the best view of all had to be the wonderful cliff face view above the Powerscourt waterfall. Seeing the waterfall from up high like that is a wonderful treat.


We then turned in the direction of Maulin peak, the climb was steep in places but again we were treated to wonderful views.


Also, some people were not happy about the mud, but this is Ireland! After the mud we were treated to our first proper view of the top, which came as a relief to some.


And the last push to the top was so worth it, although but a cold wind blowing, we didn’t hang around for long.


So we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated, it’s for a very good cause!

In Syria itself, schools have closed and health centres have shut down or become too dangerous for families to reach. The violence has also forced tens of thousands of Syrian children to flee their homes and seek shelter in neighbouring countries. Well over 120 000 people have fled to neighbouring countries, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon.

You can still donate for a limited time only!:



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