World is Short 1 Million Security Professionals

By | January 31, 2014

Cisco Annual Security Report Says the World is Short 1 Million Workers

In a world where job openings are scarce, it may seem unbelievable to hear that a certain job sector is short about 1 million workers. But that’s exactly the message Cisco is putting out with its call for IT security professionals.Download the Cisco Annual Scurity Report Now

According to the Annual Security Report by Cisco, there is currently a need for more than 1 million security professionals worldwide. Now more than ever it’s time to consider getting your Cisco security certification.

A Year of Threats

According to the report, 2013 represented an unprecedented high for cyber-security breaches. Cisco pointed out that as cyberspace has developed, so too has cybercrime. Armed with a knowledge base and support network they didn’t have 10 years ago, hackers are able to infiltrate major organizations with sophistication and subtlety. Hackers are also far more connected than they were in the previous decade.

The recent breach of Target’s security system, for instance, was carried out using a malware code reportedly designed and sold by a 17-year-old Russian boy. While the boy is solely responsible for designing the code, anyone who paid him $2,000 could use it to extract credit card information from major retailers, according to TIME. The wide proliferation of “off-the-shelf” malware means the attack on Target won’t be an isolated incident (and indeed, other retailers like Neiman Marcus have reported similar attacks).


A Need for Expertise

The Cisco report also stated that cybercriminals are currently outpacing security personnel. “The sophistication of the technology and tactics used by online criminals…have outstripped the ability of IT and security professionals to address threats,” the report said.

The report went on to estimate that in 2014, security talent will fall short by 1 million personnel worldwide. This projected shortage opens up the door for more people to get their Cisco security certification and find a job. According to Marty Roesch, a chief architect at Cisco, security breaches on organizations are inevitable. “The reality is that it’s no longer a matter of if attackers get in, but when,” he said in the report.

To fight those attacks, organizations must employ security professionals with the credentials to face seasoned hackers. Without such experts monitoring their systems, organizations can easily fall victim to attackers, who now have the sophistication to linger on a system undetected for months before choosing the opportune time to strike.

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