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Cleaning up data imported into Microsoft Excel

Many MS Excel users find that they have to work with data originating in other applications, such as database, payroll and accountancy, websites and content management systems. Often problems arise when the data is inserted into MS Excel, resulting in difficulties working with the new spreadsheet. One solution I’ve found extremely useful is to ‘clean’… Read More »

Excel Cheat Sheet – Free Download

Using the experience gained in teaching Microsoft Excel in Dublin and Galway our certified instructors have put together this excellent quick reference card which spells out the mots useful keyboard short-cuts to employ while using Excel. The Excel keyboard short-cuts are conveniently lined up in one A4 page so you can simply  print it out on… Read More »

Display a cheat sheet for your function right in the formula bar – Excel

(Office 2000/2002/2003/2004/2007) You’ve probably seen the ToolTip that appears when you begin to type a formula. Once you enter the opening parenthesis, the arguments for that function appear below the Formula bar or active cell. But, many power users find these ToolTips more annoying than helpful, especially for functions they know by heart. You can… Read More »